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There are several options for anyone interested in booking Twist of Fate. From the complete six-piece band with full sound system, lights and energy for a party that lasts into the wee hours, to the more intimate set up of Twist of Fate Lite, tailor-made for conversations over cocktails. 


Many clients prefer to have a hybrid of both, in which Twist of Fate evolves over the course of the evening. We will do our best to accommodate your specific needs and make your event as memorable as possible. 



TOF playing benefit side view

Twist of Fate

The signature six-member band with acoustic/electric guitar, steel drums, fiddle, saxophone, bass, drums and vocals.

Adam and Dayna playing Coveleigh

Twist of Fate Lite

Starts with steel drums, acoustic guitar and vocals, and can be expanded to your liking by adding other musicians à la carte, such as bass, fiddle, congas/percussion and saxophone. Twist of Fate Lite will play a minimum two-hour block, with the option of booking for a longer period in one-hour increments. With the small footprint of Twist of Fate Lite, it takes us less than an hour to set up and start playing, so minimal time is required to get the music started.

To learn more about Twist of Fate, TOF Lite,

or to determine what would be best for your needs, contact us:

(914) 629-1474

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